About Blue Sky Group

Blue Sky Group is an independent pension administrator and had its origins in the KLM pension funds. Our aim is to be an expert and involved partner for pension funds and companies that regard good employee practices as a priority and believe a proper pension provision to be part and parcel of this.


Future-proof asset management

At Blue Sky Group, we don't believe in remote asset management. We want to know wat you deem important. Our thorough and strictly independent advice helps you to make the right choices and to respond to new developments in time. We oversee the entire investment chain and maintain strict control over the implementation of your policy. Our clear reports give you insight and overview at all times. In this way we ensure future-proof asset management.

100% Independent

We are a fully independent, neutral asset manager. Our modular design makes it possible for us to select the best parties in the market to work with, through outsourcing or a partnership, so that we can achieve the best possible result for the client.

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Responsible investing

We support directors in their decision-making in the field of effective asset management. With a view to a stable and future-oriented pension for the participants. We are an independent and neutral specialist for pension funds.